How To Verify That A Moving Company Is Genuine Or Not

4 mins read

If you’re about to shift your house, you must do some research to find the best movers and packers near you. This is because the only way to get your goods transported safely and securely is by hiring a genuine mover in your city. When you begin to look for the quality and perfectness best affordable movers in Toronto or anywhere else, you must take some time to know if you’re making the right choice or not. Some moving companies are frauds and dupe their customers by offering their services at a very cheap price. Below are some tips that can help you verify if a mover is genuine or not.

Check if the mover is registered or not

If a mover claims to be genuine, you can ask them about the proof of their registration. You can do it even on a phone call and then ask about the registration-related valid documents in person. Some companies have the proof of their registration on their website only but if the one you’re about has nothing on its website, you must ask for the registration proof. It gives you the assurity that the company is operating legally and will do the task responsibly.

Check how professional the staff is 

Professionalism is something that shows how well a company works and treats its employees. When you visit the office or contact the mover via a phone call, make sure that the person in charge behaves properly with you. If you have any doubts, they must answer your every question politely. This professionalism will be displayed later when the professionals will pack and carry your valuable items.

More positive reviews than negative

If a mover is well-experienced, you’ll find some client testimonials on their website. Some people might have praised their way of working, some have appreciated their packing skills, and some may have liked their overall services. Reading them will give you an idea of the specialty of the mover. When it comes to reading the reviews online, make sure that there are more positive reviews than negative ones. If you find the majority of the people complaining about their work, look for other options.

Take a look at the management 

A professional mover who has been dealing with all kinds of moving services takes care of proper management and handles its customers well. Customers must be provided with an efficient Customer Call Center, including a system of tracking and logging customer concerns and issues. Packing and Moving companies should also employ a team of trainers to ensure employees are properly trained on effective communication methods that will push up ratings.

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