Online Business Startup – 5 ideas for increasing fast money to finance your business online

5 mins read

There are thousands of articles and guides on the internet make silly claims about how you can make a lot of money online for free. Guides and articles are usually followed by an affiliate link to the site where you buy ebooks or courses that will teach you how to make money online for free. Funny how it works … you are asked to pay for information about how to do something for free.

The fact is, there are several simple ways to make money online for free but mostly, you will need money to make money. To organize an online business correctly, it will need a minimum of several hundred dollars. At the very least, you might need web hosting and domain names. If you can’t build your own website, you have to pay someone to build a site for you. After building a site and hosting, you might want to pay to build a search engine or search engine optimization or various other services available throughout the web. After a while, the cost really began to grow.

While the minimum needed is only to start not much, it can represent a challenge for some people. Here are some suggestions to help you build enough money for online business startup:

1. Selling goods – no one wants to sell all their personal items to finance the online business and that is not what I recommend. What I suggest is you look at your home and identify items that you don’t use or no longer need and sell them. What about the sweater that your aunt gives you which you never wear? What about all video games that you have defeated and it’s likely not to play again? Trash one person is another male treasure. Place it on eBay or Craigslist. For people with many things sitting around the house, this can be a significant source of money.

2. Cut back expenses – look at your life and identify the area where y can cut angle. Do you eat a lot? If so, you can save money by staying at home and eating cheap items. Even if you only eat 4 times a month, you can save 20-30 dollars a month staying at home and eating. Do you smoke? As a former smoker, I know that this is easier to say than done, but stop smoking can save hundreds of dollars a month if you have a package habit a day. Even if you only reduce a little, you can save a little money.

3. Freelance – There are several sites where you can move some work online. Check sites like and and if nothing excites you, look at or and see what other people get paid. If you can write, you can be paid to write articles. When you start first, the money is not good but it adds time.

4. Remove the loan – if your online business needs need more money than the option above allows you to make, you can search for a small business loan. If it doesn’t work, you might be able to take a personal loan. Be warned before that many personal loans are secured by your home or to your 401k. If you fail to make a payment on this type of loan, the consequences can be severe. I do not recommend taking this kind of loan but put it because it might be an option for some.

5. Find investors – if you have a solid business plan and think you can make money online with it, look for investors. There are people out there who are willing to pay to help you organize your business as long as they think it will make money later at the end of the road. Be prepared to knock a lot of doors before you find someone who thinks your business idea is as good as you think. Going this route will also give you a good idea about what other people think about your idea. Consider criticism and, if you have difficulty finding financing, open to modify your plan to finance it.