Optical Survey Equipment Technology

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There are many applications where optical survey equipment is used today. Some of them are better known than others. Most people know that surveys are carried out for land limit disputes, but this technology is also used when archaeologists plan excavation. It is also used for crime scenes or accident investigations. When natural disasters attack, insurance companies will need a building survey to pay off claims.

Total stations or EMD, electrical gauges, are the most commonly used measuring equipment used by this surveyor. This survey instrument is equipped with a computer and software to run it so that data can be easily stored. This reduces the possibility of human mistakes when entering data. After being recorded electronically, it can be transferred to a laptop computer in place to provide the most demanding survey details.

This data collector has become the most important survey equipment in this industry. When used in conjunction with GPS technology, surveyors can produce reports that are even more appropriate. This is very important in the case where the land boundaries are debated between two parties.

GPS optical survey equipment can be used by archaeologists to the appropracting point area. Satellites can now offer infrared land x-rays that can determine whether the area contains objects buried or structural foundation. This site is appointed by GPS and this allows archaeologists to save time when deciding whether a site is a good candidate to extract.

This saves a lot of money. It’s not profitable to dig where there is only a few possible comprehensive discoveries. There are more opportunities for success when the research is done fully and this is done by using optical equipment assistance and other types of land survey equipment. Satellites have improved this technology even further making placing digging sites that are far more effective.

Police officers now use GPS equipment to show the right location that crime has occurred. It can also be used for measurements that are right when the body is found buried in a remote location. It makes it easier for officers to plan a road taken by criminals. In the previous few decades, this was all done by footwork and other types of survey equipment.

Often when storms, tornadoes or earthquakes interfere with building foundations, a building survey needs to be done to determine the level of damage. The insurance company will do this before they pay on claims. It will also determine the repairs needed before the house can be occupied again.

Optical survey equipment is used in more applications that only map land. It is used by a profession that is not necessarily known to use this survey instrument. With technological advancements, it is much easier and faster to get a full survey done than one or two decades ago.