Top 5 e-marketing must have for small businesses

3 mins read

As a small business, you must utilize the marketing channel you can to help improve your business. E-marketing, or known as internet marketing or electronic marketing, is the most affordable marketing channel available for small businesses. But maybe most of the most utilized marketing channels are actually used by small business owners.

So what is an absolute ‘must be owned’ for a small business now?

1. a decent website
You just have to have a website! This might seem like stating it clear but I meet business owners every day that still don’t have a website for their business. And one other advice word, make sure it’s worth it. Please don’t get a child next door to do it for you because it’s possible that it won’t be done correctly. A decent website is a big investment in your business.

2. Business blog
Start business blogs on your website. With business blogs, you can add articles, updates, specials, announcements, information or resources of your product. It helps keep your website interesting and also helps attract search engines like Google so they will send more visitors to your site.

3. Get on Facebook
I’m sure you’ve heard this before and maybe it looks like a strange idea to be Facebook for business, but your customers are already there! There are more than 500 million people on Facebook throughout the world and the number grows. People will be involved with you there, just think of having rooms full of your customers waiting for you to talk to them, and then just talk to them!

4. Learn some basic SEO
Search engine optimization, if not known as SEO, is a good way to attract visitors to your site. You can learn the basics of keyword research, where to place certain titles, tags, and descriptions on your website to get the best results.

5. Start Email Bulletin
No matter what industrial problems you are, collect your customer’s email address and start the regular email bulletin is a very good idea! Email marketing is an easy and affordable direct marketing tool that makes your business and brand in front of your customers. Next time they need your service, it will be your business that comes first to them.

Above all, this is the top 5 e-marketing that must be owned for small business owners to sink their teeth. From there the sky is the limit! But handheld on some of these things to start and I guarantee your business has started booming!