What can WiMAX technology do for you?

3 mins read

For cave men, the discovery of fire means life of death for them in many cases. The discovery of wheels only makes things easier later when they settle down and plant land. During the bronze age, anyone who has the latest metal alloy, has a definite advantage when it comes to resolving differences between tribes.

Nations forged thanks to technological advancements that provide certain areas of excellence. Even isolated Chinese makes its steps with the whole world because they have succeeded in having their own technological advances.

Today is really no different. Anyone who has the latest technology has an advantage over competition. Anyone who has knowledge has advantages over those who don’t.

The internet has changed the playground in many ways for humanity. Those who do not use it, and for whatever reason still leads certain markets, is because they are very clever in something or very lucky. However, I can assure you that they have left many opportunities and sooner or later they will pay the price of skills.

But even on the internet, the game continues to change. The faster the internet, the more content you can have at your fingertips such as text, sound files recorded or even rich videos on the cable. However, the next big thing is mobility. We have reached the time where the internet is part of our lives for good or bad. Anyone who has mobility and broadband internet at the same time has advantage.

WiMAX is here. This is wireless broadband internet throughout the city and urban areas. In a few words, the whole city is “hot point”. There is no cellular connection on your laptop. Pure wireless broadband. Companies such as Motorola, Intel, Google and Sprint include developing the way you connect to the internet, both at home or while traveling, they bring the next internet access technology to you by making WiMax reality. One wireless modem is connected to an electrical outlet and you get internet access. No more Diggin or install a cable through your home. The internet is there, you install a wireless modem.

But the beauty, is a presence everywhere, if you have to visit your friends or relatives, or go somewhere else where the hot spot is not available, you can bring your modem with you or you can carry your WiMAX USB device with you. You will be connected wherever you go. Very nice.

You can have videos, email, and any Elese you usually do online on your laptop or even your desktop. You can plug your WiMAX modem into your car lighter, connect the wireless router there and your car will be a hot spot WiFi wherever you are. Your iPod or laptop will be connected to your own “Hot Spot cellphone”.